Speeding up Printing Times

May 29, 2014

If you send an Microsoft Word or PowerPoint file that has many graphics inserted in it, or especially if your Word/PowerPoint file has relatively high-resolution photos inserted into it that you took with your own camera, you may find that it takes well over 10 minutes before you get the confirmation that the job has actually been sent. That’s a cue to you that when you go to a networked printer to retrieve your job, you will similarly wait at least 10 minutes or more after you release it before it even starts to emerge.

For a much quicker option, before sending the print job, use the “save as” option in Microsoft Word/PowerPoint to save it as a PDF file. Once the PDF file is open in Adobe Acrobat Reader, print that file. It will typically print many-times faster than if you printed the Word or PowerPoint file and will appear exactly the same.