Get Started

To get started, go to and login using your student number (eg: 1234567) and using your omnivox password.


You now have an email address with a 50GB capacity which you are free to use while at Vanier. This email can also be used to acquire educational discounts from vendors who request a school email address. You can easily setup your mail client on your mobile device, following the instructions from the help menu.

Menu Bar

The menu bar in the top right corner gives you access to all the services in the Office 365 package, including Outlook (Mail), Calendar, People (Contacts), OneDrive (cloud storage), and Tasks (To-do/Reminders). In addition, you can use the cog to access your Office 365 settings, and the question mark to get help.

Download Office

When you login for the first time, the portal will prompt you to download and install Office on your computer. This included Office ProPlus includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, and can be installed on up to 5 devices, including an iPad.

To get back to this page at anytime, click the cog in the menu bar, select Office 365 Settings, and click on My Software.


Office 365 includes OneDrive, giving you access to Microsoft’s first-rate cloud storage system. You can easily store files here, edit the documents online, and share with your classmates. Your account includes 1TB of storage, giving you all the space you could possibly need.

Office Online

You can easily create and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents from any web browser, through your Office 365 account. Simply create a document in OneDrive, and open it to edit in the slimmed-down versions of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, while ensuring that your document is constantly being saved into the cloud.

Get Started
studenteducatorBefore you begin, note that AutoDesk provides its software free for educational use, however under this license, you are not permitted to engage in for-profit or commercial use with it. You will need to purchase licenses for the requisite software in order to use it for anything other than educational purposes. This license provides you with the software for a one-year period.

To get started, go to and choose either College & University students or educators. 



Choose your Software



Next, simply choose the software you wish to install – by default it will show the most popular software, but you can use the filters at the top to find any different AutoDesk software as well.


Create Account
create an account

If you haven’t downloaded from AutoDesk for Education before, click on Create Account, and proceed to create one using your college email account (either for employees, or for students). Follow the prompts, and verify the account using the email that AutoDesk will send you.






Select the version, language, and operating system of the software you wish to use, and it will display and email you the activation code required for installation. Download the software, and proceed to install following its directions.


Vanier Students and Employees can now purchase software at much-reduced educational rates, including landmark suites such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, SPSS Statistics, EndNote reference manager, virtual machine software from Parallels and VMware, and more.

canada's anti-spam law

Canada’s new anti-spam law (CASL) took effect on July 1st 2014. As part of this new legislation it is illegal for organizations, including colleges, to send a commercial electronic message of any kind unless the recipient has consented to receive it. Read the PDF document and learn how it affects you and how to comply with these new laws.

usage policy

This usage policy covers all members of the Vanier College community: faculty, staff, students and administrators, (regardless of contractual status), who use any aspect of Vanier College Information Technology, Computing Resources and Computer Facilities in the broadest sense; hardware, software, networks, databases, Internet and associated equipment and licenses.