Access to Systems & Security

Access to Vanier College Systems & Security (Content on Vanier password, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Email Setup, etc)
Cyber security Consideration
Given that many college activities have shifted off campus, it’s important now more than ever that we all do our part to ensure that our IT infrastructure is protected against cyber threats. Please make sure you are using a strong Vanier password. For information on what makes a strong password and instructions on how to change your password, visit:Vanier Pass
Accessing Vanier College data from Personal and College Device
Most of the documentation is intended to assist you with the processes of working remotely from a personal device and Vanier College provided equipment as well.
Updating your college laptop password after a password change
Procedure that will help users get the cached credentials on a laptop updated after a password change
Step 1: turn on laptop Step 2: login with old password Step 3: activate VPN (use new password) Step 4: lock the session with Ctrl+Alt+Del and click lock (do not disconnect VPN, do not log off) Step 5: log back in using new password
If you are having trouble with your VanierPass account
  Your universal login to Vanier College services If you are having trouble with your VanierPass account, or haven’t set any security questions yet, click here.
VPN Client
VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to connect to the Vanier network from outside the College, including your personal P: drive and your department O: drive. Setup VPN Connection Problem: The O: / P: Drive is missing/doesn’t open. Solution: You will have to map the network drive manually again. If the O: or P: drive is visible, but simply does not open, right click on the drive from the file explorer and select “Disconnect“, then follow the steps below to map the drive again. • For Windows: Drive Mapping For Windows • For Mac: Drive Mapping For Mac
Email Setup
  As a Vanier employee, you have access to your Exchange email account. In additional to accessing it from any web browser utilizing the OWA (Outlook Web Access), you can also connect with Microsoft Outlook on your PC, Apple Mail on your Mac, or setup your iOS device (iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone) or Android device to access mail. – Email Setup