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If you are a Stream (Classic) user, then you have likely seen these two banners at the top of the home page:

Stream (Classic) is being replaced by Stream (on SharePoint). The new version lets you upload videos to platforms across Microsoft 365 and access them from one central location at

Stream (Classic) is getting deprecated on April 15, 2024. All Stream Classic videos will be deleted after the deprecation date.

After the 15th of April, all users (including ITSS) will no longer have access to any content on Stream (Classic).

Please note that Vanier teachers are responsible for their data on Microsoft Stream (Classic).

For this reason, teachers are urged to do the following before April 15, 2024:

  • Download any Stream (Classic) videos and video transcriptions you wish to keep.
  • Delete any Stream (Classic) videos you do not wish to keep.
  • Upload the videos you wish to keep sharing to OneDrive or to Teams in the files section.

It is worth noting that since August 2021, all Teams meetings have been automatically saved on Stream (on Sharepoint) or OneDrive, depending on the type of meeting. These meeting recordings do not need to be moved.

What to Expect with Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint)

The application is comparable to Stream (Classic) in terms of features and quality, with the added value of an improved transcription feature file management system. Files in Stream (on Sharepoint) are saved and managed like any other M365 file types. This makes organizing videos much easier.

PSI has put together a video tutorial and text guide to help users manually migrate their Stream (Classic) files (videos and transcriptions) to Stream (on Sharepoint).


Click here for the video guide                                               Click here for the text guide


If you need any additional support, please reach out to