Password Policy

August 10, 2021

Password Changes

Vanier College’s updated password policy will go into effect on 18th August 2021 for all employees.
Government mandated cybersecurity standards now require a stronger password format and obliges the College to ensure that you change your password every 60 days.

Vanier Pass

If you have not already done so, go to Vanier Pass and set two security questions to ensure that you can get back into your email if you forget your password.

Once you have set your security questions, Vanier Pass allows you to change  your password to the recommended format. It must be done before 18th August 2021 or the email system will automatically lock your account.


The recommended password format:

  • three words (at least one uppercase word and one lowercase), separated by dashes;
  • a minimum of 15 total characters;
  • must not contain your account name;
  • must contain at least one non-alphabetic character (0-9 or characters e.g.: -, !, $, #, %, etc);
  • must not be a password you have used before.

Example: word1-WORD2-word3#

Visit the ITSS website for additional information about your account and security questions at Vanier College ITSS