Create electronic signature

May 03, 2018

Creating Electronic Signature (Adobe Acrobat Pro DC)

  1. Install Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  2. Create or Open PDF document or form you want to sign
  3. Click on Tool
  4. Scroll down to Forms & Signature
    1. click on Fill & Sign
  5. Click on Sign icon, choose either Signature or Initials
    1. Signing for the first time, click Add Signature
    2. Or Add Initials
  6. Add Signature view below
  7. Add Initials view below
    1. Type option view below
      1. Change Style for different style
    2. Draw option view below
      1. Check Save Signature box to save signature for future use
      2. Clear to sign again
      3. Click Apply when done
    3. Image option: Browse and select image of your signature
      1. Click Apply when done
  8. How to use the Electronic Signature
    1. Create or convert document into PDF
    2. Open PDF document
      1. Click on Tool
      2. Click on Fill & Sign
      3. Click on Sign icon
      4. Click on Signature
      5. Click where you want signature appear and save document
    3. Move placed signature or initial, click to highlight it and move it around or resize or delete with the options on toolbar