Vanier Walk 1.2 Update

February 26, 2015

2014 was a big year for Vanier’s IT Support Services, and included the launch of several new services for both students and employees, including the Vanier interactive map and the Vanier Walk. The reception to both these engaging services has been phenomenal, both in usage and in feedback, updates, and praise. We’ve had the Map used internationally as an example of the power and flexibility of digital maps, and we’ve enjoyed pushing beyond limits when we launched the largest 360º tour of an institution in the world.

Today we’re pleased to be releasing our next major update to the Vanier Walk (1.2), correcting some peculiarities while adding more rooms and corridors. Additionally, with this update, we finally link two of our biggest projects together – the Map and the Walk. Now, when browsing to a classroom or space on the interactive map, you can click “view” to drop into the room in our Vanier Walk. With this integration, we simplify your experience and make it easy for students, teachers, staff, and visitors to see the room they’re looking for in a seamless step.

We’ve also added A0 to the Map and the Walk, working to make sure you can find your way wherever you need to be at Vanier.