The Vanier interactive map which launched at the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester has gotten even better with its first major update. We’ve heard the suggestions from the Vanier Community, and have eagerly implemented some of them into the map.

We are making every effort to grow this interactive map to meet the needs of new and current students alike, as well as the entire Vanier community, who, in the first week of classes alone used the interactive map over 1000 times.

As of October 10, 2014, you can utilize the search box to search across the entire college, even beyond the map you’re currently viewing. In other words, if you’re on the H Building map, and search for D-301, it will load the Main Building map and show you exactly where D-301 is.

Trying to find the nearest printer? Now you can search for it in the Map, as well as see all the printers visually on the floor maps.

Additionally, over the past month, we’ve made parking locations clearer, differentiated visually between male and female washrooms, added more panoramas, and made updates to the data, inputting location corrections.

Available at and including the campus layout as well as every floor of every building, this revolutionary system is making navigating and finding locations simpler than ever.

With every classroom, teaching area, office, amenity, and resource area intricately detailed and located in vibrant colours on the maps, you can easily search for the room you’re looking for and see exactly where it is situated, and how to get there. In addition, all the parking areas, building entrances, and other key locations are included and easy to find.

Vanier IT Support Services is committed to fulfilling the technical needs of the Vanier community, as well as striving to bring enhanced technologies that facilitate the college experience, bring new teaching opportunities to light, and continue to set Vanier at the forefront of Canada’s educational institutions.