Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) takes care of the IT services you need while you’re at Vanier.

This is where you’ll find all the information you need to get connected as a student, and where we’ll help you get set up with all the IT and classroom resources as an employee.


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New System Status Page

Vanier College IT Support Services is proud to unveil a new version of the System Status page, providing more detailed and timely information about technical issues, outages, and scheduled maintenance in an-easy to follow format. IT Support Services and IT Services staff will be able to provide the College with updates as issues progress and are resolved, eliminating any wondering or unnecessary downtime for you.

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Your VanierPass

Your VanierPass is your universal access credential for virtually all digital services that you use at the College.

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Vanier Walk 1.2 Update

Today we’re pleased to be releasing our next major update to the Vanier Walk (1.2), correcting some peculiarities while adding more rooms and corridors. Additionally, with this update, we finally link two of our biggest projects together – the Map and the Walk. Now, when browsing to a classroom or space on the interactive map, you can click “view” to drop into the room in our Vanier Walk.

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New Wi-Fi Launched

Vanier IT Support Services and Vanier IT Services are excited to launch a brand new Wi-Fi network for the College, enabling students, faculty, staff, and visitors unparalleled wireless access, availability, and speed.
This new network, including 400 antennas all around the campus operates with state-of-the-art technology, allowing all devices to connect easily, but also allowing newer devices with Wireless AC (802.11ac) to connect with the utmost network speeds.

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New Wi-Fi Launching Soon

Take a good look at low wi-fi signal bars. Soon you’ll never see that again at Vanier. Vanier IT Support Services has 400 new super-fast wi-fi antennas launching soon… really soon.

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enhanced technology

vanier it support services is proud to be a part of vanier television, hosting our enhanced technology channel where we look to bring vanier's technology to light and to its community.


vanier it support services is committed to fulfilling the technical needs of the vanier community, as well as striving to bring enhanced technologies that facilitate the college experience, bring new teaching opportunities to light, and continue to set vanier at the forefront of canada's educational institutions.

Usage Policy

Learn what the rules are on the Vanier network

This usage policy covers all members of the Vanier College community: faculty, staff, students and administrators, (regardless of contractual status), who use any aspect of Vanier College Information Technology, Computing Resources and Computer Facilities in the broadest sense; hardware, software, networks, databases, Internet and associated equipment and licenses.

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